Xae-Rashi Makai

Math Teacher

As a lifelong Doer of Things, I’ve always been heavily engaged in whatever activities I could get my hands on. Many of them have involved children; a wide variety of teaching and child-centered volunteer opportunities led me to my work as a Guest Educator. I worked with students PreK-12 in several subjects as a lead teacher, support teacher, and dedicated aid at a range of DC schools. That dynamic experience culminated in my current position as a middle school math teacher! I look forward to a rewarding year of implementing effective IB instruction through Math. Outside of work, I enjoy all kinds of exploration: traveling, trying new foods, dabbling in different languages, abandoning guided tours, etc. I’m passionate about everything I do, but I’ll highlight playing the piano, singing in the choir and spending quality time with family & friends. I completed my undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Science with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Sociology and a double minor in Physics and Criminal Justice.