Taylor Wright

Social Studies Teacher

I am overjoyed to join the DCI family as a social studies teacher this year. The diverse heartbeat of the school matches in many ways my personal and educational journey. Though my family is from the United States, much of my childhood was spent overseas in Australia. Drawn to other cultures, I studied abroad in China during high school and spent a semester in South Africa while earning my undergraduate degrees of Biblical Studies and Youth Ministry from Azusa Pacific University. My first teaching position led me to an international school in East Jerusalem where I discovered an even deeper importance of education. There, many of my students navigated daily challenges brought about by surrounding political conflict. History no longer was just a subject in school but held an urgent significance that gave my students the ability to make sense of what was going on around them. Ever since then, teaching social studies has been a passion, not simply as a job. In 2015, I returned to the United States to pursue a Master of Education from the University of California, Los Angeles. Since that time, I have taught social studies in public schools in South and East Los Angeles. My family and I recently relocated to Washington DC and I am eager to join this new city and school community. When I am not teaching, I can be found cycling, gardening, or working in my woodshop. During my summers, I travel as much as I can and serve at a non-profit youth camp seeking racial and socioeconomic reconciliation.