Ronald Chacon

HS Visual Arts Teacher

I am 1.5 generation (Afro-Salvadorean American), having come to the United States as a child. My grandfather, a shoemaker and a man with only an elementary education (but self taught) taught us to read and write at home. Lack of toys meant I had to make my own. My father worked at a printshop (at night, he would print subversive materials for the leftist guerrillas). He brought home pencils, paper and story telling. Growing up in community meant I was safe to explore. Having simple materials meant I had to make up the rest, from whatever I could find. This was my early path to Art, Teaching, and Social Justice. In my adult life, I took advantage of opportunities this country has to offer: College at UMD, a masters at MICA, and the privilege to serve immigrant populations in different capacities through many local organizations such as Americorps, LAYC, the Salvadorean Consulate, CASA in Action, and LAMB PCS. Coming to DCI feels organic, like I've traveled here before (not just as a parent). I look forward to a year of wonder, more failure, and the fuel that comes from questioning and creativity.