Jesse Nickelson

Diploma Programme Coordinator

Jesse Nickelson has been a professional in education for over 25 years. As a teacher, Jesse helped lead Banneker High School in developing its International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. He served as the Director of Global Education, Director of Social Studies, and Director of International Baccalaureate Programs for the District of Columbia Public Schools. Jesse previously served as the Director of Youth and Community Initiatives at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum working with organizations like the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, the Ghetto Fighters House in Israel, and the International Visitors Leadership Program through the U.S. Department of State to develop an international network of youth through civic engagement using the Holocaust as a way of convening a diversity of leaders from around the world. Jesse earned his doctorate in educational leadership and organizational management from the University of Pennsylvania. His dissertation explored how changing national contexts might illuminate and influence civic identity development in youth.