Jamie Hall

I am extremely excited to start my first year at DCI and be part of a team making a difference in the lives of so many students. I have been formally teaching and instructing sport and physical activity since 2005 and leading in sporting activities since my mid-teenage years. I graduated through Brighton University and the 'Troops to Teachers' Scheme in the United Kingdom, following nearly a decade of military service in the British Army. From an early age, I have performed to a very high standard (and took on a coaching role) in international gymnastics, national level (U.K.) collegiate volleyball, track & field and club level rugby. My sporting interests, personally and in teaching, span a wide variety of sports and activities, including the non conventional and those regionally specific to other parts of the world. My previous teaching post was in a large high school (2000+ students) in London (U.K.) teaching a massive range of abilities, multi ethno-cultural backgrounds and individual needs. Alongside teaching physical educational theory, I also coached trampoline, soccer, rugby, cricket, athletics and cross-country; running competitive teams in most of these. My inclusive approach to teaching physical education follows my core belief that there is a place for all and everyone to participate in any sport or game, regardless of their abilities. Self-confidence breeds self-motivation; it is my job to promote both in all students. I look forwards to the challenges and successes ahead with DCI.