Elizabeht Gandarilla

Spanish Teacher

"My name is Elizabeht Gandarilla. I am from Havana, Cuba. I have a bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Italian Literature earned in Ukraine. I am a highly qualified Spanish K-12 teacher with two years of experience in teaching the Spanish Language in the levels II, III, IV and International Baccalaureate at Kiev International School. I finished my Educator Preparation Program at Hillsborough Community College in Tampa, Florida, in which I got the knowledge and skills to start teaching in the American education system. My philosophy of teaching the Spanish Language is that every child is able to learn more than one language and every child has the potential to demonstrate his/her abilities in different ways making then possible that everyone has the opportunity to succeed. My instruction is addressed to create and improve the students’ skills in the Interpretive, interpersonal, and presentation modes. In my teaching process, I use several interactive techniques in which every student gets involved and has roles to play and skills to add allowing me to take out their potentialities to improve the four areas of language acquisition: Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. The techniques that I use in that process create opportunities for everyone to collaborate and be part of it. The language learning process has been my main goal during the last 10 years because I had to learn two languages in that period. I migrated in Ukraine in 2007 where I learned the Russian language and in United States in 2012 where I am improving my English. So, I can anticipate the possible areas in which my students are struggling to make more effective the teaching and learning process. My Professional Development includes the seven classes I passed in Education Preparation Program of Hillsborough Community College They are: Classroom Management, Diversity, Instructional, Strategy, Teaching and Learning Process, Technology, Reading Foundation, Professional Education and two Field Experience in Title 1 Schools. That program also included 60 hours of reading Module II and 18 Hours of training for ELL students. I also have several training of KAGAN techniques that I apply in my teaching. In my subject specifically, I received all the training and courses from Institute Cervantes, it includes the IB Teacher qualification. I also coordinated and lead a study abroad travel in a School Without Walls program with KIS’s students to Salamanca, Spain. I love to teach. Thank you so much for this opportunity."