Danielle A. Boudreaux

English Teacher

I hold a B.A. in English Literature and an M.A. in English Literature and Creative Writing. Prior to DCI, I taught Literature and Composition at the college level. Over my fourteen-year collegiate teaching career, I taught at Howard University, Prince George’s Community College and the Catholic University of America. I also have a strong background in desktop publishing and electronic media, due to having advised various student publications and a short (and ill-advised) stint in public relations and marketing. Outside of school, I enjoy watching my kids morph into awesome little people and seeing my husband be a total goofball throughout the process. I also enjoy making wire jewelry and homemade cosmetics. A poet at heart, I believe passionately that all forms of artistic expression are critical to a fully realized world. That said, what I am most looking forward to at DCI is impacting my students’ impressions of reading and writing in a big way. Using various literary forms, I hope to help them see that English and the written word are not scary at all but essential elements to being a responsible, proactive global citizen.