Carsten Binsner

Computer Science Teacher

My name is Carsten Binsner, I was born and grow up in Berlin, Germany. After I finished high school, I started my apprenticeship as a pipe fitter. Once I became a Pipe Fitter Journeyman, I spent five years working for the Gas and Water Company in Berlin. I went back to school and became a Master Pipe Fitter (equivalent of bachelor's degree in engineering). While working as a Journeyman and Master Pipe fitter I also worked at a government recreation center teaching youth hands-on projects and chaperoning youth exchange trips. In 1998 I moved to the USA. I was an IT Instructor for seven years at a nonprofit organization supporting homeless individuals and families. In 2006, I started to work as a Technology Teacher at WMST PCHS and received my Praxis II Certification in Technology and German. I believe that teaching technology including some German engineering brings great advantage to my students. I look forward to being part of the team that will create the best CTE Progam (Career Technology Education Programs) in the DC Area with DCI. Having experienced the whole spectrum of the dual education system, I am uniquely positioned to create this exciting program at DCI. I truly believe that "if you never try, you never will reach the sky."