Ana Martinez

Spanish Teacher

!Hola! I'm Sra. Martinez the current Spanish phase 3B instructor. I was born and raised in the District of Columbia and am of Salvadorian decedent. As a young child I was sent to El Salvador to live for three years with my grandparents to be able to appreciate my roots. When returning to the US I had lost my English-speaking abilities and there were teachers who spent extra time helping me understand the language. Throughout my schooling career I realized how amazing, caring and selfless teachers were. I wanted to do just that; I wanted to help make sure I made great lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc. Therefore, I pursued International Language and Culture in Spanish and Education with an emphasis in psychology from St. Mary's Honors' College of Maryland. I am currently pursuing a masters from the University of Maryland in Cybersecurity and Secondary Education from the University of Phoenix. I love sports such as softball, basketball, skiing and ice skating. I also enjoy the beach and spending time with my family. Teaching is my passion I enjoy seeing those light bulbs turn on and learning from my students every day. Before coming to DCI I taught in Costa Rica and Cardozo Education Campus. It is my goal to provide my students with the best education possible as I believe that they aren't the future but the present. A good leader has to be able to form another leader and I commit to this.