DCI is excited to welcome all families, new and returning, for SY23-24! Returning families, stay tuned for re-enrollment information. New families, enrollment instructions are below.


Welcome to DCI! To complete enrollment, all newly enrolling families must complete the following steps in person or online:

Step 1- Gather Required Documents


Step 2- Online Student Registration Form


  • Access the Online New Student Registration Live Form 2023-2024 (demographic & emergency information), which was emailed to you directly. Optional Guide for the Online New Student Registration Form  
  • Delano is the name of our building. (Don’t worry you are still enrolling at DCI!) Select Delano MS as your school if your student is entering grades 6-8. Select Delano HS if your student is entering grade 9.
  • Upload the birth certificate and medical insurance card into the designated fields in the “Upload Supporting Documents” section of the online registration form. If you are unable to upload the required documents please email reception@dcinternationalschool.org.
  • Home Language Survey(Only for students enrolling in the District of Columbia for the first time) Upload the signed survey in the space provided under ‘Upload Supporting Documents’ in the online registration form.  If you are unable to upload the required document please email reception@dcinternationalschool.org.
  • Make sure to review the complete SY23-24 DCI Family Handbook(here) and select “Yes” to the agreement questions regarding the handbook in the online registration form. Enrollment will be incomplete if the questions are unanswered.

Step 3- DC Residency Verification

Submit Residency Verification supporting documentation online by emailing reception@dcinternationalschool.org or in-person at DCI reception 


Note: We accept electronic submissions of DC residency verification forms and supporting documentation.

Electronic submissions of the DCRV form must have a certificate based digital signature. Submit your verification supporting documents to reception@dcinternationalschool.org. Once we approve the supporting documents, our enrollment team will send you a DCRV form via DocHub that must be completed within 3 days. DCI reserves the right to require hard copy forms. Do not upload verification documentation into the online new student registration form.

Step 4- Student Health Records

DC Universal Health CertificateCurrent immunization forms are due by the first day of school and must be completed annually per DC Health requirements. Failure to provide these records could result in the removal of your student from school. Forms can be submitted via email to jania.washington@dcinternationalschool.org


DC Oral Health CertificateDue by the first day of school and to be completed every 6 months. Forms can be submitted via email to jania.washington@dcinternationalschool.org.


For more information about DC pediatric immunization locations click here

For In-person Assistance

All visitors must enter through our front doors on 16th Street and Main Drive NW. Visitor parking is limited in the horseshoe in front of the building. Please bike, walk, or use public transportation if possible.


On-site office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday, April 29th 9am-12pm.  

* April 17th-21st (Spring Break): Please keep in mind that DCI will be closed this week. There will  be no in-person or online assistance available.


Learn more about DCI:


  • SY23-24 Important Dates: 
      • Enrollment Saturday: Saturday, April 29th
      • First Day of School: Tuesday, August 29th
      • Last Day of School: Tuesday, June 18th
      • School Year Calendar
  • Quick Links: 




  • Instructions will be sent in May! Please stay tuned.