ACE Program Quarter 4

Dear Families:

It has been a great year so far, but there is still more fun to come!  Below you will find information about how to register, our fourth quarter athletics and activities, and a detailed overview of pricing.

ACE Activities at a Glance


Middle School M
4 – 5:30
4 – 5:30

4 – 5:30


4 – 5:30



CLUBS Baile Latino Baking Club Cooking Club Dance Team LearnServe
Photography DCI Sewing Bee Robotics Poetry, Please
Italian Cooking Homework (Focus on Chinese) Advanced Painting Homework (Focus on English)
Golden Doors to Freedom Homework (Focus on Math)
Rock Band
Homework (Focus on Spanish)
ATHLETICS Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse Boys’ and Girls’ Track Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse Track (Coed) Ultimate Frisbee
Boys’ Soccer Baseball (Coed) Boys’ Soccer Baseball (Coed)
Girl’s Soccer Girl’s Soccer
Rugby (Coed) Rugby (Coed)
Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis


High School M
4 – 5:30
4 – 5:30

4 – 5:30


4 – 5:30



CLUBS Cooking Club Brujas & Co. Robotics*
Baile Latino** Film Club Book Club*
Photography** Tutoring
Golden Doors to Freedom**
ATHLETICS Boys’ and Girls’ Track** Boys’ and Girls’ Track** Coed Ultimate Frisbee**
Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis** Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis**
Coed Rugby** Coed Rugby**


*Eighth graders may participate in these activities.

**Meets at 3220

All quarter 4 clubs and sports that have not already begun will begin Monday, April 3rd and end Friday, June 16th.  Activities take place from 4-5:30. Pickup is between 5:30 and 6. 

Middle School ACE Pricing is as follows:

  • Monday through Thursday, $90 (Reg) and $50 (FRL) per day of activity per quarter. Students who qualify for EA can attend two days of ACE for free, after which the fee is $10 per course per day.
  • Monday through Thursday drop-in fees are $12 (Reg) and $8 (FRL) and an EA Rate of $4.  Drop-ins are only available for Homework/Tutoring
  • Friday: To participate in all Friday Half Day Programs (1-6pm) for Quarter Four, the fees are $315 Regular (Reg), $180 Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) and $30 Extra Assistance (EA).  
  • Friday drop-in: $40 (Reg), $25 (FRL) and $5 (EA) per Friday.

After School Programming at the HIgh School level is free. Clubs are student driven and led.  However, we do want parents to still sign up via EZChildtrack.

The EZChildTrack system does not require payment upon registration.  Once your registration is approved a 50% payment will be required by April 7th.  The remaining 50% payment for after school programming for the quarter will be due May 8th.  Families that qualify for our reduced or extra assistance rates will have those discounts reflected in their first bill – DCI will apply the discount before you are charged the 50% payment.  If you are not sure if you qualify for reduced or extra assistance pricing, please give us a call at 202-808-9033.  You will need to complete the free and reduced lunch form and/or provide proof that you receive SNAP or TANF directly to us at the front desk.   

If you have any questions regarding the ACE activity schedule, registration or any other details please don’t hesitate to email me at

ACE Late Pick-Up Policy and Fees:

Students must be picked up by 6:00 PM. After 6:00 PM, any remaining students are considered late pick-ups. Our staff’s time is as valuable to us as the time of our families. Therefore, late pickup fees are incurred beginning at 6:00 PM.  Please note charges are per student and will apply to each student. Parents and students are responsible for coordinating and managing transportation from DCI.

Time picked up Fee incurred
6:00-6:09 $5
6:10-6:19 $15
6:20-6:29 $25
6:30-6:39 $30
6:40-6:49 $40

ACE Activity Overviews

Baile Latino (Monday):

A popular lunch club is moving to after school! Learn to dance the salsa, merengue, bachata and more with seasoned instructor and Spanish teacher Leticia Rodriguez. Students will work towards performing at Taste of DCI in May.

Golden Doors of Freedom (Monday)

In partnership with Artworks for Freedom

Human trafficking and modern day slavery are two of the biggest issues of our generation. From ethical sourcing to protecting society’s most vulnerable, there is much to be done in solving this issue. Artworks for Freedom is a national nonprofit that uses art to advocate and educate about this issue. This project, “Golden Doors to Freedom” repurposes an old door with messages of hope and freedom. Students will learn about creating conceptual art from guest artists and work with a master gilder on adding gold leaf. Our door will be displayed with several others in October in DC, and will travel across the country. Students will also design educational posters to enter in the Artworks for Freedom contest this fall.

Photography (Monday):

Photography teaches basic and intermediate photography concepts and skills to engage students in a local exploration of the DCI neighborhood to capture posed and candid urban images that reflect the beauty, complexity and diversity of the area.  Students will spend time learning in the classroom and the majority of the time outdoors taking photographs in pairs and small groups.  Participants will showcase their own works as a group at the end of the quarter with a gallery-style show and informal presentation. Photography is taught by DCI art teacher Adam Reinhard and computer science teacher Rob Wright.

Italian Cooking (Monday)

Italian Food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and for good reason! From pasta and pizza to gnocchi and mozzarella, the Italians have inspired thousands of chefs and home cooks. Learn Ms. Barbieri’s secrets from her time spent in Italy in this new cooking class. Space in this activity is limited. Students who sign up for this activity may not sign up for another cooking club.

Baking Club (Tuesday):

Learn the fine art and technique of baking, pastry and cake decorating with some healthy and nutritious twists! Students will learn a new recipe each week.  Baking club is led by Ms. Luisa. Space in this activity is limited. Students who sign up for this activity may not sign up for another cooking club.

Rock Band (Monday):

Want to be a rock star?  Ever dreamed of performing live in a band?  Rock Band is a class for beginning and intermediate guitar players, percussionists and music lovers of all kinds who are interested in music theory, listening comprehension who are also interested in joining DCI’s already awesome rock band.  Sessions will include music lessons and group practice in acoustic guitar, a variety of percussion instruments, and vocal styles from the blues and the way to modern rock genres.  No experience necessary, but students who participated last year are highly encouraged to return! Rock band is led by teacher-musicians Chris Merriman and Zach Diamond.

DCI Sewing Bee (Tuesday):

Are you a budding fashion designer? Want to make amazing gifts for your friends and family? Our sewing class is a great way to develop skills on the sewing machine in an authentic and fun way. We will be learning to use and read a pattern, cut and measure different types of fabric, and attach zippers and buttons. Sewing is led by Sr. Long and Ms. Briggs.

Brujas & Co. (Tuesday)

Ninth Grade Only

Brujas & Co. is a safe space for radical conversation about feminism, youth, nature, race, and society. We will explore a different concept every week and challenge existing structures placed by society through the study of theory, literature, and art.

Robotics (Wednesday):

Students will be competing in the FIRST robotics league at the middle school and high school level. Students in sixth and seventh grades will participate in FIRST LEGO League. The team researches a real-world problem such as food safety, recycling, energy, etc., and are challenged to develop a solution. They also must design, build, program a robot using LEGO MINDSTORMS®, then compete on a table-top playing field. Our sixth and seventh grade team is led by science teacher Charlene Cummings and computer science teacher Robert Wright.

Cooking Club (Wednesday):

Are you a famous chef in the making?  Are you new in the kitchen and hungry for delicious, nutritious recipes? Our cooking club teaches practical and skills for home cooking in a fun and tasty way. Cooking club is lead by Ms. Cassie and Ms. Luisa. Space in this activity is limited. Students who sign up for this activity may not sign up for another cooking club.

Advanced Painting (Wednesday):

This is a class for serious art students looking to delve further into painting techniques in a variety of mediums. Led by art teacher Adam Reinhard (MA, Painting, Savannah College of Art and Design), students will experiment with oils, acrylics and watercolor. Space in this activity is limited.

Dance Team (Thursday):

DCI is starting its very own dance team! All skill levels are encouraged to sign up. The Dance Team will perform at a basketball game this winter.  The Dance Team is led by Ms. Rao.

Poetry, Please: A Study in Performing Poetry and Slam (Thursday):

Students of Shakespeare, Keats, Hughes, Angelou and Tupac–lend me your ears! DC has always been a fantastic place to read and write poetry, and now students at DCI will have a place to practice writing, and performing, their work. Join Ms. Boudreaux on Thursdays to hone your craft and express yourself!

Voices of the Future (Thursday)

8th and 9th grade only

This activity encourages students to become involved in society and advocacy by using speech and debate skills inside and outside the classroom. Through speech, Students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of current events to perform dramatic and humorous interpretation. Speech will challenge them to find powerful moments in literature and history and later recreate them for an audience.  Learning debate skills will help students work in teams to effectively persuade a judge or an audience to convince them that their side holds more validity. Students will understand different issues and learn to think critically about the different arguments on both sides. This activity is led by Sr. Alonso and Ms. Melisa.

Homework Club (Monday-Thursday):

Homework club is DCI’s daily homework, tutoring and literacy program for students to who want additional support for assignments, language learning, math/English study. Homework club is staffed each afternoon with full-time DCI teachers and ninth grade volunteers to ensure all students receive individual attention appropriate to their learning goals for that afternoon.

Half-Day Friday Activities

ACE Friday Activities run from 1-4:30PM.


LearnServe offers a unique approach to cultivating youth leadership through social innovation. Students have the opportunity to design and launch their own “social ventures” – initiatives to make a difference in their school and community. In the process, they explore the connection between global issues and local solutions, while strengthening their creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills.