At DCI, students take their language class every day.

With electives and other classes offered in the target language, DC International School offers from 25-50% language immersion in Spanish, French, and Chinese with the following goals:

  • Students will become increasingly more fluent and literate in at least 2 languages, measured using the ACTFL proficiency scale.
  • Students will increase their ability to communicate in English and all 3 of our target languages.
  • Students will increase their intercultural competency to become true global citizens.
  • Students, through their language proficiency, will be adequately prepared for tomorrow’s workforce.

Students are placed into language courses based on past language experience, but no previous language knowledge is necessary to attend DCI.  

Based on teacher recommendation from their member school or on assessment results, students may take Individuals and Societies and some electives in their target language. Students who are not ready to work with content in their target language take those courses and electives in English.

DCI’s mission of inspiring culturally competent global citizens with proficiency in a second language cannot be realized through only classroom learning. International travel is at the core of DCI’s curriculum and all students are encouraged to travel abroad during their middle and high school years. Trips are offered for students during the summer after 8th grade, and students are encouraged to pursue independent travel opportunities in high school. Additionally, DCI hopes to establish exchange programs in all three language tracks. The purpose of these trips is to fully immerse students in the language and culture of the host community. This is an integral experience that will aid DCI’s mission of inspiring culturally competent global citizens.