Our language goals at DCI are

  1. Students will become bilingual and biliterate in at least two languages.
  2. Students will increase their ability to communicate in all 4 of our target languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and French).
  3. Students will increase their inter-cultural competence
  4. Students will be prepared for the global community and job markets where 21st century skills are an asset.

DCI students with prior immersion/language background experience will take advanced language study every day in their target language.

DCI students new to language learning will start in introductory language study every day.

Based on teacher recommendation from their member school or on assessment results, students will also take Humanities and some electives in their target language. Students who are not ready to work with content in their target language will take Humanities courses and electives in English.

Many classes will be taught by teachers who are fluent in one of our three target languages and all students will be expected to learn simple communication and conversational skills through the language of these courses.

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