Sam Dodson

Visual Arts

Who Is Baba Sam? I am a father, educational leader, and life-long advocate and educator of young people. I have committed my life to working daily to engage and uplift our young people and mold them into the scholars that will soon lead the next generation. After completing my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy at Denison University, I had an amazing opportunity to be a founding teacher at Hyde Leadership Public Charter School. Hyde “Starts with Character, Grows with You, and Inspires Leadership.” My experience there was transformative. Hyde was always more than a job for me. It made me better each day and forged me into a person of strong convictions and a creative thinker guided by compassion, and a strong desire to bring people together. After 9 years at Hyde, I was fortunate enough to continue, and expand upon this work at Higher Achievement. I served as the Ward 6 Center Director for 5 years before launching one of our newest centers: the Kramer Achievement Center in 2014. If it wasn’t apparent to me before, I know now that uplifting communities and working to improve the lives of young people is my calling. Now, as am member of the DCI team, I look forward to many new experiences.