Miao Zhang

Chinese Teacher

Hi, Da Jia Hao! My name is Miao. I am very proud of coming from the capital of China and living in the capital of the United States! I came to the U.S. in 2009 and had a Master’s Degree in Teaching Additional Languages at the University of Georgia. Before DCI, I have been working at Washington YuYing, an IB Chinese immersion school, for four years. I love working with kids, and I found life is meaningful to pass the knowledge to the young generation and all of us can make a better world. I believe learning should not be limited in classroom. A powerful educational documentary teaches students social justice; an oversea traveling experience allows students to see the diversity of the world; an exhibition in art gallery may help students think differently. We are all constantly learning and I encourage students to think on their own and to think critically. During my graduate school, I did a research about how and where did the Burmese refugees relocate in the United States and how well they did at school. We went on a road trip with four refugee kids from Georgia, through Tennessee, Illinois, Iowa and up to the Wisconsin. We talked about the cowboy culture when we were in Tennessee, and showed the kids where Lincoln was from and talked about the civil war when we were in Illinois. We took the kids to the University of Iowa and we also stopped at the Mississippi river and talked about Mark Twain’s life. It tells my passion outside work is traveling and I believe traveling is the best way to learn and teach. Outside work, I also love music, especially jazz and classic rock from the 60s. I look forward to working at DCI and to learn from the wonderful DCI families! If I can pick up some Spanish and French from my DCI students, that would be awesome!