Melody Maitland

Director of Student Support Services

Prior to DCI, I served as a special education teacher in D.C. Public Schools (DCPS) at Ballou High School. I have an MSW from University of Denver and an MEd from George Mason University. My educational passions are: teaching students how to advocate for themselves, teaching the power of literacy and reading, researching and applying the latest evidence-based practices for reading, writing, and math instruction as well as behavioral interventions in the classroom, data collection, and data-based decision making for academic and behavioral intervention implementation.

My life’s passion is to bridge the gap between educational practice and implementation at the school and district levels and educational policy and discourse at the political and university levels. I am excited to be part of the founding education team at a school that values multiculturalism and helps develop students that are able to compete in an ever changing global economy. I hope to aid in the creation of a model that is replicated worldwide, and proves that every child, regardless of his/her background, can learn and thrive!