Allison Sandusky

Director of Student Culture

Hello DCI Community! This will be my 9th year working full-time in education. I have spent the past 8 years working as a middle school math and science teacher at three different schools: DCI, KIPP DC: WILL Academy, and Camden’s Promise Charter School in Camden, NJ. I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2008 and have a dual degree in Spanish and Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science–Go Blue!

This year, I will be transitioning into a new role: Director of Student Culture. I have loved teaching because of the relationships I’ve formed with my students; I love getting to know them as individuals. However, I’m really excited to be able to focus on making our DCI community amazing and look forward to having a positive impact on students in a different way.

Despite studying Spanish all through high school and college, my speaking skills need more work. I’m very excited to improve them, while learning some Mandarin and French along the way.

Outside of school, I am a huge sports fanatic. No matter the time of year, you can find me rooting for Michigan and Detroit sports teams. There is nowhere I’d rather be than a Michigan football game!