Here are our beliefs about the culture of DCI:

  • We believe diversity should be acknowledged and celebrated.
  • We believe in positive behavioral supports and restorative justice.
  • We believe that teens want their parents to be involved! (But not where they can be seen).
  • We believe in instilling a sense of responsibility for our planet and those who inhabit it.
  • We believe the benefits of language learning are immense and are critical to our students’ cultural, intellectual, and economic competence.
  • We believe that mastering the language of technology is another form of multilingualism.
  • We believe that students should find school to be stimulating, challenging, and nurturing.
  • We believe in our abilities to solve challenges and embrace opportunities.
  • We believe adolescents are predisposed to be capable, engaged, caring members of society and that we should collectively approach middle school as an opportunity to set the stage for a lifetime orientation of dedication to learning and growth.


In accordance with DC law, we have created a comprehensive bullying prevention policy & wellness policy.